26 Quantification of tensile response of UHP-FRC [chapter]

L.F. Maya Duque, B.A. Graybeal
2015 HPFRCC-7.  
The tensile mechanical response of ultra-high performance fiber reinforced concrete (UHP-FRC) is a central performance attribute that differentiates this concrete from other concretes. Knowledge of the tensile response is a necessary part of any structural design that engages these advanced mechanical properties. Standardization of appropriate tensile testing methods is needed, both for material development and for material deployment applications. A direct tension test for UHPFRC has been
more » ... oped and demonstrated to be capable of quantifying the response for both cast and extracted prismatic specimens. Results from tests assessing different cementitious composites, fiber reinforcements, and casting flow orientations are presented and discussed.
doi:10.51202/9783816793977-209 fatcat:3zddd4to5fapjfw2eyjzhfkhia