Bio-activation of Inert pHEMA Matrices with Phosphate Loaded Cellulose Fibers in Order to Induce Mineralization

Andrada Serafim, Mihai Octavian Constantinescu, Florinel Tirdea Iordache, Eugeniu Vasile, Adriana Lungu, Rodica Marinescu, Izabela Cristina Stancu
2017 Materiale plastice  
Luffa cylindrica fibers were purified through alkaline treatment and loaded with phosphate as mineral precursor. Their capacity of acting as bioactivator for an inert polymer was evaluated. In this respect, the PO43- - Luffa fibers were loaded in a polymeric matrix known not to promote biomineralization through immersion in mineralization media. The synthesized materials were subjected to alternative Ca/P baths and the formation of mineral was investigated through SEM. Also, the mechanical
more » ... the mechanical properties and the water affinity of the un-mineralized and mineralized materials were investigated.
doi:10.37358/mp.17.2.4823 fatcat:o62zizzq75c43adnshmhdoh36y