The Effect of Short Term Maternal Fasting on Fetal Biophysical and Neonatal Biochemical Profile - A Pilot Study and a Short Critical Review of the Literature

Sorina Grisaru-Granovsky, Nazi Hamudi, Arnon Samueloff, Michael S. Schimmel
2008 The Open Women's Health Journal  
Aim: To determine the net effect of strict maternal short term fasting on fetal biophysical parameters. Study Design: Prospective observational study among healthy women with a single term fetus, delivered by scheduled cesarean who had strict preoperative fast. Each subject serves as its own control. The Biophysical Profile Score was recorded. Statistics used paired t , non parametric Wilcoxon , McNemar tests (as appropriate) and correlations. Results: Twenty one women were recruited. We found
more » ... ecruited. We found no difference when the separate scoring entities were analyzed in the two maternal states. No correlation was found between maternal -fetal biochemical and hormonal status. All neonates were healthy. Conclusion: Short term fasting in healthy mothers is well tolerated by both the mother and the neonate. Standards need not to be adapted in the assessment of the low risk fetus and glucose containing drinks should not be offered in order to decrease the false positive rate of the biophysical profile.
doi:10.2174/1874291200802010001 fatcat:6rxrlva4ybddbpxgtoupa2tpim