Progression of autosomic dominant polycystic kidney disease. Influence of endothelial NO synthase (ecNOS) and renin angiotensin system gene polymorphisms
Progresión de la poliquistosis renal autosómica dominante. Influencia de polimorfismos de genes de sintasa endotelial del óxido nítrico (ecNOS) y del sistema renina-angiotensina

Pablo Azurmendi, Adriana Fraga, Carolina Muchnik, Maria Dos Ramos Farias, Felicita Galan, Danisa Guerra, Martin O'Flaherty, Elvira Arrizurieta, Rodolfo Martin
2004 Medicina (Buenos Aires)  
Glomerular filtration rate decline (GFRd) is variable in autosomic dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD). In 88 ADPKD patients, GFRd was assessed by 1/S(Cr) and compared with the association to AT1A1166C (AT1R), AGTM235T (angiotensinogen) and ecNOSGlu298Asp (NO endothelial synthase) polymorphisms. Age at S(Cr) values of 2 and 6 mg/dl were assumed as beginning of progressive phase (A2) and end-stage-renal disease (A6), respectively. Polymorphisms were studied by PCR-RFLP. The group as a
more » ... e showed GFRd (ml/min/year) of 6.9+/-0.5; A2 and A6 of 48.9+/-1.3 and 55.0+/-1.4 years and mean arterial pressure of 111.2+/-1.2 mmHg. When A6 was considered, two populations were defined (< or = and > 55 years). In < or = 55 (assumed as PKD1 phenotype) (n=42), A2 and A6 of the AT1 1166CC genotype were 36.0+/-1.2 and 41.4+/-0.9 years vs AA-AC (42.8+/-1.0 and 47.5+/-0.8, p<0.001). A2 and A6 of the ecNOS298Asp/Asp genotype were 34.8+/-1.5 and 41.1+/-0.6 years vs. Glu/Glu-Glu/Asp (42.4+/-0.9 and 47.1+/-0.8, p<0.02). In AGT235TT genotype, GFRd was 12.4+/-2.2 ml/min/year vs MM-MT (7.9+/-0.7, p<0.03). This difference was also observed when all ADPKD patients were considered (TT: 11.02+/-1.5 vs. MM-MT: 6.44+/-0.5 ml/ min/year, p<0.003). AT1 1166CC and ecNOS 298Asp/Asp are associated with earlier A2 and A6 whereas AGT 235TT induce twofold increase in GFRd, suggesting that RAS and ecNOS are involved in ADPKD progression.
pmid:15628301 fatcat:bempsuxomzhbjnwzqrqvkxz4v4