Depletion forces in colloidal suspensions

D. Henderson, S. Sokolowski, D. Wasan
1998 Journal of Physical Studies  
The classical theory for the interactions between colloidal particles is the DLVO theory in which the interaction is presumed to consist of a repulsive long range electrostatic term and an attractive short range dispersion term. One important missing term is the e ect of the depletion force (known in the statistical mechanics community as the volume exclusion force). An approximate description of this term was obtained by Henderson and Lozada Cassou (HCL) from the theory of hard sphere
more » ... ard sphere mixtures. There has been some controversy about the manner in which this term was obtained. Some aspects of this question are discussed and an account of some recent work that has settled this controversy and that justi es the original result of HLC are reviewed.
doi:10.30970/jps.02.496 fatcat:7h2ctljhpbacbeh2d34izpg3oy