Family income,education and cognitive ability in the next generation: exploring income gradients in education and test scores for current cohorts of youth

2010 Longitudinal and life course studies  
The relationship between the incomes of the family a child is growing up in and the education level the child obtains, has been of great interest to researchers for a number of reasons. Firstly, this gives us a measure of educational inequality in its own right, and secondly, because the relationship between family income and education is also one of the key drivers of intergenerational income mobility across time in the UK, and gradients in life chances across a range of other domains. This
more » ... er explores the evolution of the relationship between family income and education, for a group of cohorts from those born in 1958 to those born in 1991/92. The range of educational relationships we can measure depends on the age of the child. For older cohorts, whom we assume have completed their education, we can measure the full range of educational outcomes up to degree level, and their relationship with family income. For younger cohorts who are in earlier stages of education, we can measure test scores and GCSE results but not later educational outcomes. JEL Classifications: J62, J13, J31
doi:10.14301/llcs.v1i3.95 fatcat:kl5kz4zuyzbq3jmmkxx6bi7d6m