Neoglacial change of ice cover and the related response of the Earth's crust in West Greenland

A Weidick
1993 Rapport Grønlands Geologiske Undersøgelse  
The cooling trends of Neoglacial time caused re-formation of minor local glaciers and expansion of the Inland Ice margin. A consequence of this glacial reactivation in West Greenland was the conversion of an early Holocene glacio-isostatic emergence to Neoglacial submergence. Although the major trends of fluctuations of ice margins and relative sea level have been studied over a long time, exact data on the spatial distribution of Neoglacial changes of glacier load and relative sea level are
more » ... ve sea level are still sparse. Present information points to a major conversion from emergence to submergence between 1000 and 3000 B.P., depending on location and the effect of superimposed secondary oscillations.
doi:10.34194/rapggu.v159.8220 fatcat:e5b4ctx2azg2vh3yj65cbv6sxy