Camaenid land snails on Barrow Island: distributions, molecular phylogenetics and taxonomic revision

Michael S. Johnson, Sean Stankowski, Corey S. Whisson, Roy J. Teale, Zoë R. HHamilton
2013 Records of the Western Australian Museum Supplement  
Three species of camaenid land snails occur on Barrow Island: Quistrachia barrowensis and two previously unassigned species of Rhagada. Based on morphological re-evaluation and analysis of sequences of the mitochondrial gene COI, we have revised the taxonomy of these species, providing a clearer understanding of their geographic distributions and origins. The supposed Barrow Island endemic Q. barrowensis is synonymous with Q. montebelloensis from the Montebello and Lowendal Islands. The small
more » ... slands. The small species of Rhagada, confined to the northern tip of Barrow Island, is conspecific with R. plicata, whose distribution also includes the Montebellos and the Lowendals. The large species of Rhagada is described here as R. barrowensis sp. nov., known only from Barrow Island and adjacent Pascoe Island. The three camaenids represent deeply divergent lineages with different geographic origins, indicating that the local diversity on Barrow Island has come about through a complex history. With maximum geographic spans of only 22 to 70 km, the short-range endemism of these species highlights the conservation significance of Barrow Island.
doi:10.18195/issn.0313-122x.83.2013.159-171 fatcat:ialtzlhfhjdrbads3kuiwf2w4y