Security and Privacy in IoT-Cloud-Based e-Health Systems—A Comprehensive Review

Chanapha Butpheng, Kuo-Hui Yeh, Hu Xiong
2020 Symmetry  
When the Internet and other interconnected networks are used in a health system, it is referred to as "e-Health." In this paper, we examined research studies from 2017–2020 to explore the utilization of intelligent techniques in health and its evolution over time, particularly the integration of Internet of Things (IoT) devices and cloud computing. E-Health is defined as "the ability to seek, find, understand and appraise health information derived from electronic sources and acquired knowledge
more » ... to properly solve or treat health problems. As a repository for health information as well as e-Health analysis, the Internet has the potential to protect consumers from harm and empower them to participate fully in informed health-related decision-making. Most importantly, high levels of e-Health integration mitigate the risk of encountering unreliable information on the Internet. Various research perspectives related to security and privacy within IoT-cloud-based e-Health systems are examined, with an emphasis on the opportunities, benefits and challenges of the implementation such systems. The combination of IoT-based e-Health systems integrated with intelligent systems such as cloud computing that provide smart objectives and applications is a promising future trend.
doi:10.3390/sym12071191 fatcat:zgktlhafpfhvvkdqccdhxz7noq