Kinematics of galaxy bulges, disks, and gas

Sree Oh, Matthew Colless
2021 Zenodo  
We investigate the stellar kinematics of the bulge and disk components in 826 SAMI galaxies. The spatially resolved rotation velocity (V) and velocity dispersion (σ) of bulge and disk components have been simultaneously) of bulge and disk components have been simultaneously estimated using the penalized pixel fitting (PPXF) method with photometrically defined weights for the two components. The spin parameter λR indicates bulges are pressure-dominated systems and disks are supported by
more » ... pported by rotation. The two components show Tully-Fisher and Faber-Jackson relations with similar slopes, but different intercepts suggesting that the galaxy stellar mass scales with both V and σ) of bulge and disk components have been simultaneously for both bulge and disk components of all galaxy types. Our findings suggest that the relative contributions of the two components explain, at least to first order, the complex kinematic behaviour of galaxies. Looking further ahead, we compare gas and stellar kinematics and discuss dependence of spatial distribution of gas on galaxy type.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4721542 fatcat:nkxevedwefecvhywlgn23ga7ce