Petrol Delivery Assignment with Multi-Product, Multi-Depot, Split Deliveries and Time Windows

Isti Surjandari, Amar Rachman, Fauzia Dianawati, R. P. Wibowo
2011 International Journal of Modeling and Optimization  
The purpose of this study is to solve a planning problem faced by Pertamina, a state-owned Oil and Gas company in Indonesia, dealing with the delivery of petrol products. Based on Petrol Station Replenishment Problem (PSRP), a fleet of tank-trucks with different capacities has been assigned to deliver two petrol products from two depots with split deliveries and time windows to a set of petrol stations in the working area. The Tabu Search (TS) algorithm has been used to solve this problem. The
more » ... roblem consists of jointly determining the fleet assignment and of designing delivery routes to petrol stations to satisfy the orders using the available resources with the minimum total travel cost for delivery.
doi:10.7763/ijmo.2011.v1.63 fatcat:2wwq6r4hbbgu5gpj457jstikuu