125 years since the beginning of Ukrainian Immigration to Canada

Vitaliy Makar
2017 Історико-політичні проблеми сучасного світу  
According to the Canadian Customs records that preserved in the archives on September 9, 1891 well-known Ukrainian Calician Ivan Pylypiv and Wasyl Yelynyak came to Canada. Following them hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians immigrated to the new land, as Canada was called by those who got there. The author investigates the immigration waves of the Ukrainians to Canada: before World War I; between Wars; after World War II; and after collapsing of the Soviet Union. Also, the Cana- dian researches
more » ... alking about one more wave of the Ukrainian immigration to Canada – from the begining of 80th last century from Poland. According 2011 Canadian census of population and the counts of the last years there are more then one million and three hundred of thousands persons that recognized themselves of Ukrainian descend. The author charaterizes the peligious, cultural, national and political life of Ukrainians in Canada. The main role in this paper is dedicated to Ukrainians role for Canadian political life, their involvement into local, provicial and federal governmental structure. Keywords: Post-communist countries of CEE, theoretical and methodological approaches, political transformation
doi:10.31861/mhpi2016.33-34.13-25 fatcat:c3y2q7v6ffcl5nnkovsehwkyui