Superhydrophilic–superhydrophobic patterned surfaces: From simplified fabrication to emerging applications

Hao Chen, Xiaoping Li, Dachao Li
2022 Nanotechnology and Precision Engineering  
Superhydrophilic–superhydrophobic patterned surfaces constitute a branch of surface chemistry involving the two extreme states of superhydrophilicity and superhydrophobicity combined on the same surface in precise patterns. Such surfaces have many advantages, including controllable wettability, enrichment ability, accessibility, and the ability to manipulate and pattern water droplets, and they offer new functionalities and possibilities for a wide variety of emerging applications, such as
more » ... arrays, biomedical assays, microfluidics, and environmental protection. This review presents the basic theory, simplified fabrication, and emerging applications of superhydrophilic–superhydrophobic patterned surfaces. First, the fundamental theories of wettability that explain the spreading of a droplet on a solid surface are described. Then, the fabrication methods for preparing superhydrophilic–superhydrophobic patterned surfaces are introduced, and the emerging applications of such surfaces that are currently being explored are highlighted. Finally, the remaining challenges of constructing such surfaces and future applications that would benefit from their use are discussed.
doi:10.1063/10.0013222 fatcat:2n3ppnm7wveyvbyrahnfoykiwm