Management of Labor Conflicts in Public Health Organizations

Adriana Belu, Elena Ilinca
The work "Management of labor conflicts in public health organizations" treats a very important issue, of the present, with extensive and multiple implications for public health. The work can be considered as an interdisciplinary study justified by two arguments: first, it is essential to applied research step, the knowledge and use of enshrined informational content in management literature, especially of models and mechanisms of managerial activity on the administration of human resources,
more » ... agerial style, mobilization capacities, communication, coordination or decision ones and, not least the mechanisms characteristic to collective relations established between managers and employees; second, it is required for the implementation phase of research findings, capitalization of an informational sphere of law field, specifically, labor law, because labor conflicts are based both on specific regulations of labor law and on a juridical literature, of great interest and of strict use for a concrete optimization of labor social relations.