Some Model Theory of Guarded Negation [article]

Vince Barany, Michael Benedikt, Balder ten Cate
2020 arXiv   pre-print
The Guarded Negation Fragment (GNFO) is a fragment of first-order logic that contains all positive existential formulas, can express the first-order translations of basic modal logic and of many description logics, along with many sentences that arise in databases. It has been shown that the syntax of GNFO is restrictive enough so that computational problems such as validity and satisfiability are still decidable. This suggests that, in spite of its expressive power, GNFO formulas are amenable
more » ... o novel optimizations. In this paper we study the model theory of GNFO formulas. Our results include effective preservation theorems for GNFO, effective Craig Interpolation and Beth Definability results, and the ability to express the certain answers of queries with respect to a large class of GNFO sentences within very restricted logics. This version of the paper contains streamlined and corrected versions of results concerning entailment of a conjunctive query from a set of ground facts and a theory consisting of GNFO sentences of a special form ("dependencies").
arXiv:2005.06299v2 fatcat:awujhhdh6bgrrgs3xu3v7igz4u