Crystal structure of triaquatriimidazolenickel(II) naphthalene-2,6- disulfonate monohydrate, [Co(C3H4N2)3(H2O)3][C10H6S2O6] ·` H2O

Yonghua Zhang, Ping Liu, Zhiling Feng, Xiaojing Sun
2011 Zeitschrift für Kristallographie - New Crystal Structures  
C 19 H 26 N 6 NiO 10 S 2 ,triclinic, P1 (no. 2), a =8.499 (2) Source of material Disodium 2,6-naphthalenedisulfonate (0.33 g, 1m mol) and imidazole (0.27 g, 4mmol) were added to an aqueous solution of NiCl 2 × 6H 2 O(0.24 g, 1mmol). The resulting solution was stirred at 70°C for four hours in aw ater bath. After filtration, ac lear solution was set aside to crystallize. Plate-like blue crystals were collected in 78 %yield (based on Ni) after three days. Experimental details Hatoms were
more » ... atoms were positioned geometrically and treated as riding, with d(C-H) =0 .93 Åa nd d(N-H) =0 .86Åw ith U iso (H) = 1.2 U eq (CH or NH). Water Hatoms were located on adifference Fourierm ap,a nd refined according to the riding model with d(O-H) =0.82(2) Å.
doi:10.1524/ncrs.2011.0228 fatcat:77mzdpo4tnaxfikiqx6xfbixki