Pork Quality Assurance Plus™ Program

S. Larsen, P. Sundberg, E. Wagstrom, S. Niekamp, E. Risa
2007 International Conference on the Epidemiology and Control of Biological, Chemical and Physical Hazards in Pigs and Pork   unpublished
Pork producers 1n the United States have developed a new food safety and an1mal care certification program that builds on the current Pork Quality Assurance (PQA ') program. Workmg with the pork industry's customers, pork producers have created a workable, credible and affordable solution to assure food safety and an1mal care and at the same time meet the needs of customers including restaurants, food retailers and, ultimately, consumers. The industry's solut1on IS a continuous improvement
more » ... m focused on producer education and premises assessment, which is called PQA Plus™.
doi:10.31274/safepork-180809-18 fatcat:cjqitk3nxjfzdmdda4fyrahu6y