Gods without faces : childhood, religion, and imagination in contemporary Japan [article]

Benjamin Davis Cox
grand-advisor' Keith Brown, whose lifetime of work in Mizusawa opened many doors to me that would otherwise have remained firmly but politely shut. I am deeply indebted to the people of Mizusawa for their warmth, kindness, and forbearance. In particular, I wish to thank Mayor Ozawa for granting me permission to conduct my research; the chairman of the board of education, as well as the enchō sensei, shuji sensei, teachers and staff of all the schools and preschools I studied; the staff at
more » ... , and in particular Chiharu and Arisa, whose efforts on my behalf are truly without number; Daigo and Jun, for their clerical perspectives and the pleasure of their company; the priests of Komagata Shrine for their generous gifts of time and access; Shinkō, for his daily provision of shelter, caffeine, and access to WiFi; and finally, my host family, particularly my parents Mitsuhiro and Shigeko, for caring for me like a son and for their countless kindnesses and lessons. Jinsei iroiro... Special thanks are due as well to Tomoko Hetherington for her heroic transcription of audio files I had deemed undecipherable; Aubrey Hooser and Cyndi Goodson for their unsung bureaucratic genius; Susan Ackerman, for inspiring and nurturing my passion for religious studies; and Helen Hardacre for enabling and guiding my reinvention as a scholar of Japanese religion. vi
doi:10.15781/t27w67q0s fatcat:ujtd7d5vbjgkxmap4haac2w24i