Hemoglobin-Based Red Blood Cell Substitutes [chapter]

Thomas Ming Swi Chang
2005 Scaffolding In Tissue Engineering  
Polyhemoglobin is already well into the final stages of clinical trials in human with one approved for routine clinical uses in South Africa. Conjugated hemoglobin is also in ongoing clinical trials. Meanwhile, recombinant Hb has been modified to modulate the effects of nitric oxide. Other systems contain antioxidant enzymes for those clinical applications that may have potential problems related to ischemia-reperfusion injuries. Other developments are based on hemoglobin-lipid vesicles and
more » ... id vesicles and also the use of nanotechnology and biodegradable copolymers to prepare nano-dimension artificial red blood cells containing hemoglobin and complex enzyme systems.
doi:10.1201/9781420027563.ch31 fatcat:2wcwd6jzvjdbll4it75sfpnlqq