The host spectrum of Dothistroma needle blight Mycosphaerella pini E. Rostrup – new hosts of Dothistroma needle blight observed in theCzech Republic

M. Bednářová, D. Palovčíková, L. Jankovský
2012 Journal of Forest Science  
Dothistroma needle blight Mycosphaerella pini E. Rostrup and its anamorphic stage Dothistroma septospora (Dorog.) Morelet was detected for the first time in the territory of the Czech Republic in a consignment of imported plants of Austrian pine Pinus nigra Arnold in 1999. In 2000, it was also found on Pinus nigra in an open planting in a plantation of Christmas trees by the village of Jedovnice near Brno in South Moravia. In the Czech Republic, Dothi-stroma needle blight was identified on 13
more » ... ecies of pine. Pinus nigra Arnold and Pinus mugo Turra are the most frequent hosts. In addition to these species, Dothistroma needle blight was observed on Pinus ponderosa Douglas ex Lawson, Pinus jeffreyi Grev. et Balf, Pinus banksiana Lamb., Pinus contorta Douglas, Pinus rotundata Link, Pinus leucodermis Ant. and Pinus sylvestris L. Finds on Pinus aristata Engelm., Pinus rigida Mill., Pinus heldreichii H. Christ. and Pinus cembra L. var. sibirica (Du Tour) G. Don. are a certain rarity. These species are not mentioned anywhere as potential hosts of Dothistroma needle blight. As for the species of other genera Picea pungens Engelm., Picea abies L. Karst. and last but not least Picea schrenkiana Fisch. & C. A. Mey were also observed as hosts. The host range of Dothistroma needle blight recorded in papers is noted as well.
doi:10.17221/4484-jfs fatcat:av7b7n3jizfhxl4374tqxndz4m