TES FPC Flight Pulse Tube Cooler System [chapter]

J. Raab, S. Abedzadeh, R. Colbert, J. Godden, D. Harvey, C. Jaco
Cryocoolers 11  
The TRW Tropospheric Emission Spectrometer (TES) Focal Plane Cooler (FPC) features two integral pulse tube cryocoolers that independently control the temperature of the two instrument focal planes. The TES mission acquires high-resolution ozone concentration data in the earth's troposphere in order to better understand the ozone: where it comes from and its interaction with other chemicals in the atmosphere. TES is scheduled to fly on the EOS-Aura platform in 2002. The TES FPC program delivered
more » ... two flight coolers and electronics, and one flight spare cooler and electronics in November 1999. This paper presents data collected on the flight coolers during acceptance testing. Tests included thermal performance mapping at various reject temperatures and power levels, launch vibration testing, EMC/EMI testing, and self-induced vibration testing. Designed conservatively for a six-year life, the coolers are required to provide 1W cooling at 57K while rejecting to 35°C with less than 63W input power to the electronics. The system (cooler and electronics) required mass is less than 17.1 kg. The system also includes radiation-hardened control electronics and provides cooler control functions with a software-controlled microprocessor.
doi:10.1007/0-306-47112-4_17 fatcat:qwrfvnkbjjf4rhegkhlkyqsate