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1853 Scientific American  
Dr. Antisel on the Caus" of Volcanoes. The fo llowing are Dr. Antisel's views re specting the cause of volcanoes, which we promised to present three weeks ago but which we have not been able to do before now. After referring in advance to the internal heat of the earth, the lecturer observed that volcanoes were nothing more nor less than so many vents through which the contents of the interior 01 the earth were passed to the outside. There are about 270 of these vents active, though all of them
more » ... are not in operation at the same time. One hundred and sixteen of them are on this Continent. Some ninety of them are in the Pacific, and the remainder are scattered over Europe and the islands of the Indian Seas, Sumatra, Java, &c., and along the islands of the Chinese coast. Volcanoes, in fact, are scattered all over the globe from the furthest north to the extreme south. Those within the tropics, however, outnum ber the others. There are about twenty vol
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican03051853-200f fatcat:lkh7sfl4pbdotborplgc3frpqe