Reptiles y anfibios de una localidad del Chaco Húmedo en Formosa, Argentina

Giuliano Paolo Pesci, José Manuel Sánchez, Suelem Muñiz Leao, Nicolás Pelegrin
2018 Cuadernos de Herpetología  
Recibida: 0 8 M a r z o 2 0 1 7 Revisada: 1 7 J u n i o 2 0 1 7 Aceptada: 0 2 F e b r e r o 2 0 1 8 E d i t o r A s o c i a d o : D . B a l d o ABSTRACT Reptiles and amphibians from a locality of Chaco Húmedo in Formosa, Argentina. We present herein a list of amphibians and reptiles from La Picadita, Formosa, Argentina (26°02'16" S, 59°09'26" W), in the Humid Chaco ecoregion, recorded between November 2013 and February 2014. Specimens were captured with 25 drift fence-pitfall traps set in
more » ... s, and active searches in flooded areas ("esteros"). We recorded 6 lizard species, 9 snakes, 2 amphisbaenians, and 29 amphibians, totalizing 46 species. Rarefaction curves suggest that our sampling effort was appropriate for amphibians, but more sampling is needed for lizards and snakes. The use of pitfall traps combined with active searches was a useful method to capture elusive and cryptic species in sampled environments. This methodology is suggested in order to obtain full species inventories, and optimize available resources.
doi:10.31017/cdh.2018.(2017-05) fatcat:ebfor7xntfdr3bt736rszia6ra