The relationships between flow regime and precipitation, air temperature & forest volume at forest watersheds in Tohoku district (II)

Masanori ISHII, Yoshio OHNUMA, Shiho ARAKI
1998 Tohoku Shinrin Kagakkaishi  
: Usi 1958 as the reference , the present forest volume of broad − leaved trees decreased by 20 % while that of needle − leaved trees increased 50 % . Further, forest volume meters showed a decrease of several % , and the cha e in forest description as a whole is smal1 . By using the above change in the forest description , precipitation and air temperature, the relation of the three variables to river 且ow was investigated . 1 .When the effects of precipitation , air temperature and forest
more » ... ure and forest volume on the 且ow regime in one year were investigated , the effect of precipitation was always large . On the other hand , the effects of air temperature and forest volume were slight , except as part of the flow regime , Namely , as to the in 伽 encining factor to the 且ow regime in a year, precipitation becomes the centeL 2 .The effect of precipitation on the flow regime in surruner time was always large . The effect of air temperature was observed at the 且ow as less than that at time of ordinary flow , On the other hand, the effect of forest volume was negligible except as a part of the flow . With regard to factors infiuencing flow in summer time, precipitation and air temperature are central・ 1 ,ま え が き
doi:10.18982/tjfs.3.1_25 fatcat:s4xyziz4tncslbbhmsbhsyzdye