Relationship between satisfaction with mental health services, personal recovery and quality of life among service users with psychosis: a cross-sectional study

Regina Skar-Fröding, Hanne Kristin Clausen, Jūratė Šaltytė Benth, Torleif Ruud, Mike Slade, Kristin Sverdvik Heiervang
2021 BMC Health Services Research  
Background Mental health policy internationally emphasizes patient centredness and personal recovery. This study investigated the relationship between satisfaction with mental health services among service users with psychosis in Norway, and personal recovery, perceived support for personal recovery, and quality of life. Methods Cross-sectional data were collected from 292 service users diagnosed with psychosis from 39 clinical sites across Norway. Satisfaction with services was assessed using
more » ... was assessed using the Client Satisfaction Questionnaire-8. A linear mixed model was estimated to explore the relationship between satisfaction with services and preselected covariates, and to control for confounding factors. Results A large majority of participants (89%) reported moderate-to-high levels of satisfaction. Satisfaction with services was positively associated with perceived support for personal recovery, but not with personal recovery or quality of life. In addition, service users under a Community Treatment Order (CTO) were significantly less satisfied than those who were not. Conclusions Satisfaction levels among service users were higher compared with similar, international studies. Those who feel supported in their personal recovery were more satisfied with the care they receive, which support the need for implementation of recovery-oriented practices for service users with psychosis. However, satisfaction with services was not related to service user-rated quality of life or level of personal recovery; thus, more follow-up studies are needed. The lower satisfaction of service users placed under CTOs shows the importance of targeted interventions to improve satisfaction with services among this group. Trial registration NCT03271242, date of registration: 5 sept. 2017.
doi:10.1186/s12913-021-06409-0 pmid:33964917 fatcat:uijv6bicfrclhg26szgbte5uue