High capacity ideal image steganography scheme in networks using scrambled payload

Logesh, A Ramalingam, M Hemalatha, Paul, Prabhakaran
2014 Journal of Engineering and Interdisciplinary Research   unpublished
With the rapid development of network technology, information security has become a mounting problem. Steganography involves hiding information in a cover media, in such a way that the cover media is not supposed to have any confidential message for its unintentional addressee. In this paper, an ideal steganographic scheme in networks is proposed using twisted payload. The confidential image values are twisted by using scrambling techiques.The Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) is applied on
more » ... is applied on cover image and Integer Wavelet Transform (IWT) is applied to the scrambled confidential image. Merge operation is done on both images and Inverse DWT is computed on the same to get the stego image. The information extracting algorithm is the reverse process of the hiding algorithm. After applying this ideal steganographic scheme, it generates a stego image which is immune against conventional attack and performs good perceptibility compared to other steganographic approaches.