Technical and Technological Analysis of Late Bronze Ceramics of the Ordynskoe-12 Settlement (Western Siberia)
Технико-технологический анализ керамики эпохи поздней бронзы поселения Ордынское-12 (Западная Сибирь)

Dmitrii V. Selin
2020 Vestnik NSU Series History and Philology  
Purpose. The Ordynskoe-12 Settlement is an important site for the study of the Late Bronze Age in the south of Western Siberia. The ceramic complex allowed the author to characterize the Ordynsky type archaeological sites. There is a syncretism of the material, including components of other archaeological cultures. According to researchers, the ceramic complex of the site reflects the transition from Fedorovskaya culture to Irmenian culture, while the author identifies items close to ceramics
more » ... the Yelovskaya, Karasuk and Irmenian cultures, or a transformed version of Yelovskaya culture at a later stage of its existence. Results. A study of the composition of the clay paste revealed seven recipes. The dominant recipes feature an admixture of crushed stone and organic matter, and chamotte and organic matter, which together account for more than half of the studied samples. A separate group consists of samples mixed with crushed stone. Mixed recipes testify to the coexistence of different populations. Conclusion. The data obtained indicate that this settlement is a multicultural archaeological site. Three archaeological cultures coexisted and interacted in its place – Irmenian, Yelovskaya, and an eastern variant of Pakhomovo culture. Imported vessels indicate contacts with southern cultures, however, importing did not become a mass phenomenon until the transition period from the Bronze Age to the Early Iron Age.
doi:10.25205/1818-7919-2020-19-5-58-69 fatcat:fp5yggmobnf53fpugy24ng744u