High pressure investigations on hydrous magnesium silicate-phase A using first principles calculations: H---H repulsion and changes in hydrogen bond geometry with compression

H. K. Poswal, Surinder M. Sharma, S. K. Sikka
2009 High Pressure Research  
We have carried out first principles structural relaxation calculations on the hydrous magnesium silicate Phase A (Mg7Si2O8(OH)6) under high pressures. Our results show that phase A does not undergo any phase transition upto ~ 45 GPa. We find that non-bonded H--H distance reaches a limiting value of 1.85 angstrom at about 45 GPa. The H--H repulsive strain releasing mechanism in Phase A is found to be dramatically different from the hydrogen bond bending one that was proposed by Hofmeister et
more » ... by Hofmeister et al1 for Phase B. It is based on the reduction of one of the O-H bond distances with compression.
doi:10.1080/08957950903046375 fatcat:a726qs4sgva2dbvgauhlh2s7vq