Polymerization of the cis- and trans-isomers of bis(triethoxysilyl)-2-butene and comparison of their structural properties [report]

R.M. Shaltout, D.A. Loy, J.P. Carpenter, K. Dorhout, K.J. Shea
1998 unpublished
RECEIVED ABSTRACT 3UN 2 5 l998 The cis and trans isomers of bis-(triethoxysilyl)-2-butene were polymerized by t he@& -T I gel method under various conditions. The trans isomer formed gels under all conditions. The cis isomer formed gels only under basic conditions. Under acidic conditions it formed soluble resins of molecular weight ranging from 88000 to 180000 Daltons. Solid state and solution 29Si NMR revealed that the trans isomer formed condensed gels, and that the resins formed by the cis
more » ... somer contained cyclic monomers andor ordered oligomers.
doi:10.2172/672120 fatcat:pwb5imxa7vey3awug3akkb7ebm