Ashutosh Vibhute, Yoginee S Patil
2014 International Journal of Research in Ayurveda and Pharmacy  
In Rasashatra the word Grahyagrahyatva is used in context with raw drug selection. Grahya means acceptable and Agrahya is not acceptable. Thus, they signify the quality control techniques. Selection of appropriate raw material is the first and foremost step in Drug Standardisation. These classical textual norms, being in Sanskrit and in ancient terminology, cannot be interpreted by the suppliers or geologists. This creates problems while procuring raw material and leads to confusion regarding
more » ... e appropriate mineral intended by ancient texts. Many a times there are minor variations in the composition of minerals that cause variation in their colour. May be, this minor variation in composition brings about major change in its pharmacological properties. If co-relations could be established between ancient criteria and mineralogical properties, standardisation of raw materials in terms of objective norms can be accomplished. An attempt is being made for quality assessment of Vanga (Tin). Regarding Grahyagrahyatva of Vanga, all parameters highlight physical or chemical properties. The Grahyagrahyatva norms were tested with parallel modern analytical techniques e.g. Grutva and Laghutva criteria with specific gravity. Also well designed proforma and visual scales were developed to assess the data which appears to be subjective. But assessed methodically and thus converted into numerical data for applying statistics. In this short term project research attempts were made to assess Grahyatva of collected 16 Vanga samples. Grahya and Agrahyatva assessment match with the assessment done by analytical methods to satisfactory and expected extent.
doi:10.7897/2277-4343.05227 fatcat:r7aptaohbbhs3oy2ag5db4s5o4