Exercise training in multifocal motor neuropathy - a case report study

Lars K. Markvardsen, Kristian Overgaard, John Vissing, Henning Andersen
2019 Clinical Case Reports and Reviews  
Abbreviations: CIDP: chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy; CIKS: combined isokinetic muscle strength; MMN: multifocal motor neuropathy; SCIG: subcutaneous immunoglobulin; VO 2 -max: maximal oxygen consumption velocity. Methods Study population Patients diagnosed with MMN, receiving maintenance treatment with subcutaneous immunoglobulin (SCIG), were eligible for inclusion in the study. Inclusion criteria were stable clinical condition and Abstract Introduction: Regular physical
more » ... gular physical exercise leads to improved muscle strength and aerobic capacity in chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy, but the effect in multifocal motor neuropathy (MMN) is unknown. Methods: Of the 15 invited MMN patients, four patients performed 12 weeks of resistance exercise with unilateral training of wrist and elbow and 12 weeks of aerobic exercise on an ergometer bike. Exercise periods were preceded by a run-in period without scheduled exercise. Primary outcomes were changes in combined isokinetic strength (cIKS) and aerobic capacity (VO 2 -max). Results: Resistance exercise was well tolerated. cIKS improved at wrist by 86 %, 18 % and 16 % in three patients and at elbow by and 30 % and 16 % in two participants, while one patient was unchanged. VO 2 -max was increased in two participants by 13 and 15 %, while two participants deteriorated by 9 %. Discussion: Resistance and aerobic exercise was feasible in MMN patients. The effects varied individually from slight decrease to considerable improvements, which supports further investigations of exercise in MMN. Markvardsen LK (2019) Exercise training in multifocal motor neuropathy -a case report study
doi:10.15761/ccrr.1000460 fatcat:4wdxhh5p7bhtpjil2ihetq5wmq