Influence of Clearance Flow on Dynamic Hydraulic Forces of Pump-Turbine during Runaway Transient Process

Xiaoxia Hou, Yongguang Cheng, Zhiyan Yang, Ke Liu, Xiaoxi Zhang, Demin Liu
2021 Energies  
The clearance flow around the pump-turbine runner has significant influences on unit vibrations, which may cause accidents in transient processes. The dynamic hydraulic forces and flow patterns in the clearance flow channel (CFC) of a low specific-speed pump-turbine were analyzed based on 3D CFD simulations during the runaway oscillating process. It is shown that the axial force of the runner periodically fluctuates with large amplitudes, and its components in CFC and the main flow channel
more » ... demonstrate a similar significance level. The CFC component was formulated as a function of the clearance inlet pressure and rotational speed, while the MFC component as a function of the momentum changing rate and the runner outlet pressure force. The fluctuation of runner radial force is mainly caused by the flow evolution in MFC, however, the flow in CFC aggravates it. The pressure in CFC shows a few pulsating signals from MFC, and the radial pressure drop in CFC is proportional to the square of both radius and rotational speed. In CFC, strong rotating shear flow containing a velocity core region in the circumferential direction is formed, and rotational speed is the dominant factor.
doi:10.3390/en14102830 fatcat:mdvjc7fhyneprejmsdxcvegdra