Towards a quantum evolutionary scheme: Violating Bell's inequalities in language [chapter]

Diederik Aerts, Marek Czachor, Bart D'Hooghe
2006 Evolutionary Epistemology, Language and Culture  
We show the presence of genuine quantum structures in human language. The neo-Darwinian evolutionary scheme is founded on a probability structure that satisfies the Kolmogorovian axioms, and as a consequence cannot incorporate quantum-like evolutionary change. In earlier research we revealed quantum structures in processes taking place in conceptual space. We argue that the presence of quantum structures in language and the earlier detected quantum structures in conceptual change make the
more » ... rwinian evolutionary scheme strictly too limited for Evolutionary Epistemology. We sketch how we believe that evolution in a more general way should be implemented in epistemology and conceptual change, but also in biology, and how this view would lead to another relation between both biology and epistemology.
doi:10.1007/1-4020-3395-8_20 fatcat:5p6yzcib5ffodl4zcdgrrjewn4