KIVA-3V, Release 2: Improvements to KIVA-3V [report]

Anthony A. Amsden
1999 unpublished
This report describes the changes made in the KIVA-3V computer program since its initial release version dated 24 March 1997. A variety of new features enhance the robustness, efficiency, and usefulness of the overall program for engine modeling. Among these are an automatic restart of the cycle with a reduced timestep in case of iteration limit or temperature overflow, which should greatly reduce the likelihood of having the code crash in mid run. A new option is the automatic deactivation of
more » ... port region when it is closed off from the engine cylinder and its reactivation when it again communicates with the cylinder. A number of corrections throughout the code improve accuracy, one of which also corrects the 2-D planar option to make it properly independent of the third dimension. Extensions to the particle-based liquid wall film model make the model somewhat more complete, although it is still considered a work-in-progress. In response to current research in fuelinjected engines, a split-injection option has been added. A new subroutine monitors the whereabouts of the liquid and gaseous phases of the fuel, and for combustion runs the energy balance data and emissions are monitored and printed. New features in the grid generator K3PREP and the graphics postprocessor K3POST are also discussed.
doi:10.2172/9452 fatcat:m5pahtrjnrbifietl2mqyaspnm