TET3 expression associates with survival in triple negative breast cancer [post]

Shahan Mamoor
2021 unpublished
We mined published microarray data (1) to understand the most significant gene expression differences in the tumors of triple negative breast cancer patients based on survival at time of analysis: dead or alive. We observed transcriptome-wide differential expression of TET3 when comparing the primary tumors of triple negative breast cancer patients dead or alive. TET3 mRNA was present at significantly lower quantities in the tumors of TNBC patients alive. Importantly, TET3 expression was
more » ... cantly correlated with recurrence-free survival in basal subtype breast cancer, a molecular subtype sharing significant overlap with triple negative breast cancer. TET3 may be of relevance as a biomarker or as a molecule of interest in understanding the etiology or progression of triple negative breast cancer.
doi:10.31219/osf.io/qxhaf fatcat:th2uoeifvbbhvdnik5omekyowa