A three-tier system architecture design and development for hurricane occurrence simulation

S.-C. Chen, S. Gulatit, S. Hamid, X. Huang, L. Luo, N. Morisseau-Leroy, M.D. Powell, C. Zhan, C. Zhang
2003 International Conference on Information Technology: Research and Education, 2003. Proceedings. ITRE2003.  
As an environmental phenomenon, hurricanes cause significant property damage and loss of life in coastal areas almost every year. Research concerning hurricanes and their aftermath is gaining more and more attentions nowadays. The potential changeability of hurricane data and hurricane models requires robust, maintainable and easily extensible software system for hurricane simulation. With focuses on the design and the implementation of the components at each layer, this paper describes a
more » ... ane simulation system built on the threetier architecture to achieve good flexibility, extensibility and resistance to potential changes.
doi:10.1109/itre.2003.1270584 fatcat:k5kn7by7wfbcdkfxtgieetiw7y