A Comparative Study of Selected Factors of University Education in Kenya and India: Opinions of the Kenyan University Students in Andhra Pradesh State

Jacob Mbijjiwe, R.M. Pallavi, Mcdonald .M. Kalama, Emmanuel Member
2014 IOSR Journal of Business and Management  
African countries have for many years been unable to offer satisfactory education service to their populace. This has lead to stiff competition for the few available government sponsored vacancies which has resulted to unnecessary inflated cost of education hence knocking out the poor from the vital service. To help open up for more opportunities a study was conducted comparing some factors of university education in Kenya and India and specifically Andhra Pradesh State. The study aimed at
more » ... ing to the attention of Kenyans parents the available university education in India. The study was meant to be a census study of all the registered 61 Kenyan university students in A.P. but eventually it was 49 who were available to fill the questionnaire giving a sample size of 80% for study. Data analyses was done by use of Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) version 20 and presentation was by use of tables, pie charts and graphs. The study focused on academic, financial and social factors that could discourage Kenyan students from enrolling in the Indian universities. The study revealed that the course content of the Indian universities were more highly rated by Kenyan students. The other facilities like Laboratories, books, Libraries and Computers are more available in India than in Kenyan universities. The social amenities and cultural factors were rated lower in India than Kenya and likely to cause discouragement to enrolment. The study made recommendations that;  Kenyan universities need to target core factors when pricing for their courses to ensure affordability, especially to the poor.  There should be more heightened publicity about the cost and content differentiation between the two countries.  There is need to evaluate the course content of some of the courses offered in Kenyan universities.  There is need for guidance to Kenyans going for study in India so as to pick courses that have better job opportunities and good international appeal.  There is need for the Indian universities to improve on social amenities and adapt more open and interactive methods of instruction to attract more foreign students.
doi:10.9790/487x-16123343 fatcat:ily5z74ce5eltnoqk3ggcbe3ay