Numerical response of bridge cranes subjected to repeated shocks during an earthquake

F. Fekak, R. Duval, B. Depale, A. Gravouil, M. Brun
2015 Earthquake Resistant Engineering Structures X   unpublished
During an earthquake, a bridge crane may be subjected to multiple impacts between crane wheels and rail. In order to model such phenomena, a time-history dynamic analysis with a multi-scale approach is performed. The high frequency aspect of the impacts between wheels and rails is taken into account by an explicit temporal scheme, modified to resolve impacts. An implicit temporal scheme is used for the rest of the structure. The numerical coupling between the implicit and the explicit schemes
more » ... achieved with a heterogeneous asynchronous timeintegrator. In parallel with the numerical methods, impact tests between crane wheels and different rail mountings were carried out in order to determine a realistic value of the coefficient of restitution used as input for the time-history analysis. Keywords: earthquake, bridge crane, impacts, heterogeneous asynchronous timeintegrator (HATI). Industrial and scientific context 1.Bridge crane problematics Hoisting appliances such as bridge cranes are heavy mobile systems. They are located overhead in buildings or warehouses. Usual computational methods of such equipment, subjected to an earthquake, are based on a modal representation of the structures using spectral responses. This method assumes geometric linearity (small deformations and small displacements), material linearity (elastic materials) and a linear behavior at the
doi:10.2495/eres150251 fatcat:pjl6l3hi6rhcngehslgufpa4zu