Small Roadside Sacral Structures in the Borzechów Commune (Lublin Region) and Their Dendroflora

Magdalena Lubiarz, Piotr Kulesza, Małgorzata Żak-Kulesza
2019 Acta Horticulturae et Regiotecturae  
Trees and shrubs significantly increase the visual value of roadside crosses and shrines. The paper presents results of the inventory of small roadside sacral structures in Borzechów Commune (Central-Eastern Poland). The species composition and the age status of dendroflora surrounding small roadside sacral structures were examined. We have inventoried 94 small roadside sacral structures in Borzechów Commune. Only 68 of them were surrounded by trees and shrubs that represent 39 species. The
more » ... common deciduous species are small leaved lime (Tilia cordata Mill.) and common lilac (Syringa vulgaris L.), but the most common coniferous species is northern white-cedar (Thuja occidentalis L.). In the research area the most common small roadside sacral structures are crosses. Shrines and statues of saints are very rare.
doi:10.2478/ahr-2019-0005 fatcat:xb35ioo7yrdyjh2e2cjxsifhhi