A New Diverting Agent Material for Hydraulic Fracturing Treatment in Oil and Gas Industry

Bo Cai, Guoqiang Bi, Jinping Qiu, Chunming He, M. Jawaid, El-R. Kenawy
2016 MATEC Web of Conferences  
In-fissure divert fracturing technology, in which diverting agent is added. It can create new branch fractures and micro fractures, increase the area of fluid-release and achieve the goal of production and injection increase. This paper introduces a new diverting agent material with different kinds of petroleum resins. A series of evaluation including compatibility, efficiency and dissolved time was put forward. The results showed that the soluble rate of this agent is from 6 h to 12h and with
more » ... ncreasing temperature and prolonging dissolved time, soluble rate reach 96% at 110 indicated good solubility. The critical flow velocity of sand production increases more than 30 60 times with adding fiber. The highest breakthrough pressure can reach 0.5MPa in 10 cm cores containing 9 diverting agent in the fracturing fluid. Meanwhile, it has minimal impact on flow conductivity .It had good flow back after treatment the viscosity was 13-54 mPa.s.Moreover, a special instrument was introduced to evaluate the performances of fracture conductivity and diverting. More than 24 treatments with this new material in X oil field have been performed with encouraging results with an average post-fracturing rate 11m 3 /d. It has great influences on new chemical material for improving complex fractures net-work of hydraulic fracturing in tight oil and gas reservoirs.
doi:10.1051/matecconf/20166703043 fatcat:phtg4yeff5gw7h5onqhk6nip2e