Apresentando o copa-trad versão 2.0 um sistema com base em corpus paralelo para pesquisa, ensino e prática da tradução

Carlos Eduardo Silva, Lincoln Fernandes
2020 Ilha do Desterro  
This paper describes COPA-TRAD Version 2.0, a parallel corpus-based system developed at the Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (UFSC) for translation research, teaching and practice. COPA-TRAD enables the user to investigate the practices of professional translators by identifying translational patterns related to a particular element or linguistic pattern. In addition, the system allows for the comparison between human translation and automatic translation provided by three well-known
more » ... ne translation systems available on the Internet (Google Translate, Microsoft Translator and Yandex). Currently, COPA-TRAD incorporates five subcorpora (Children's Literature, Literary Texts, Meta-Discourse in Translation, Subtitles and Legal Texts) and provides the following tools: parallel concordancer, monolingual concordancer, wordlist and a DIY Tool that enables the user to create his own parallel disposable corpus. The system also provides a POS-tagging tool interface to analyze and classify the parts of speech of a text.
doi:10.5007/2175-8026.2020v73n1p297 fatcat:pzl2plg23zgeldibkk5afvfv44