Rapid-Erection Backstepping Tracking Control for Electrohydraulic Lifting Mechanisms of Launcher Systems

Lan Li, Yi Jiang, Xiaowei Yang, Jianyong Yao
2022 Applied Sciences  
Uncertainties and disturbances widely exist in electrohydraulic lifting mechanisms of launcher systems, which may worsen the rapid-erection tracking accuracy and even make the system unstable. To deal with the issue, an asymptotic tracking control framework is developed for electrohydraulic lifting mechanisms of launcher systems. Firstly, the dynamic equations and state-space forms of the electrohydraulic lifting mechanism are modeled. Based on the system model, a nonlinear rapid-erection
more » ... controller is constructed to achieve the improvement of the system control performance, in which a nonlinear feedback term is employed to remove the effects of uncertainties and disturbances on tracking performance. Compared to the existing results, the asymptotic tracking stability of the closed-loop system can be assured based on the Lyapunov theory analysis. In the end, the simulation example of an actual electrohydraulic lifting mechanism of the launcher system is done to validate the effectiveness with the proposed controller.
doi:10.3390/app12020893 fatcat:xu3bdlcrv5eijbooebkuwjejaq