On the Origin of the Optical Inactivity of meso-Tartaric Acid

M Singh, Kh Singh
Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research   unpublished
The structures of meso-tartaric acid and its optical inactivity have been reexamined. The experimental results strongly favour the staggered asymmetric (C 1) conformations of meso-tartaric acid in the solid state and in solution. The synthesis, isolation and optical resolution of the stereochemical analogues of the acid reaffirm the asymmetric structures of meso-tartaric acid. The optical inactivity of the acid is not because of its having a plane of symmetry (point group Cs) or centre of
more » ... ry (point group Ci) but mainly because of the asymmetric gauche conformations P-sc and M-sc which constitute a racemic mixture.