Optimized ensemble Monte Carlo simulations of dense Lennard-Jones fluids

Simon Trebst, Emanuel Gull, Matthias Troyer
2005 Journal of Chemical Physics  
We apply the recently developed adaptive ensemble optimization technique to simulate dense Lennard-Jones fluids and a particle-solvent model by broad-histogram Monte Carlo techniques. Equilibration of the simulated fluid is improved by sampling an optimized histogram in radial coordinates that shifts statistical weight towards the entropic barriers between the shells of the liquid. Interstitial states in the vicinity of these barriers are identified with unprecedented accuracy by sharp
more » ... s in the quickly converging histogram and measurements of the local diffusivity. The radial distribution function and potential of mean force are calculated to high precision.
doi:10.1063/1.2121709 pmid:16351275 fatcat:sakevdzidjeq5iqqt2iimpbnpa