R.E. Ogilvie, J.T. Norton
1961 unpublished
prlYatBly o w e d rlghfe: or 8 . A I I B Y~~S any llabllllles vlth reepect to the nee of. Or for damages reavltlng from tbe use of m y Inlormstlon. appbratu~~. method. or prwesa dlselosed In thla report. Aa used In the above. "pereon a c h g on behalf of the COmmlsslOn" heludaa m y employee or coov~otor of the Commlaslon. or employee of svcb c~d~(~c t o r . to tbe 8-01 CUI such employee or eontractor ot the Commlsalon. or employee of m o b eontractor prepares. dlasemlnalls. or provldea PCD~BII
more » ... o, any tnlormatloo P"snLnf to hla emplaymsnt O r COntraef rlth the Cammlasloa. or hls employment vllh such CooU~ctor.
doi:10.2172/4017548 fatcat:kxhdcj6kqjhdhpqxehwmh6c7di