­­­Control and Anti-control of Chaos Based on the Moving Largest Lyapunov Exponent Using Reinforcement Learning [post]

Yanyan Han, Jianpeng Ding, Lin Du, Youming Lei
2021 unpublished
In this work, we propose a method of control and anti-control of chaos based on the moving largest Lyapunov exponent using reinforcement learning. In this method, we design a reward function for the reinforcement learning according to the moving largest Lyapunov exponent, which is similar to the moving average but computes the corresponding largest Lyapunov exponent using a recently updated time series with a fixed, short length. We adopt the density peaks-based clustering algorithm to
more » ... gorithm to determine a linear region of the average divergence index so that we can obtain the largest Lyapunov exponent of the small data set by fitting the slope of the linear region. We show that the proposed method is fast and easy to implement through controlling and anti-controlling typical systems such as the Henon map and Lorenz system.
doi:10.21203/rs.3.rs-176868/v1 fatcat:qljngzja5vb7xe2khqhhab226m