Physical Experiment and Numerical Modeling on the Failure Mechanism of Gob-Side Entry Driven in Thick Coal Seam

Xinshuai Shi, Hongwen Jing, Zhenlong Zhao, Yuan Gao, Yuanchao Zhang, Ruodi Bu
2020 Energies  
In this paper, a combination of physical model tests and numerical simulations were carried out to explore the overlying strata movement laws, failure mechanism, and cracks evolution of the gob-side entry driven in a thick coal seam. The physical experimental results indicated that the hanging cantilever beam was easily developed above the coal pillar after mining out the 2101 panel, resulting in a larger and stronger stress concentration. The overburden loads acting on the coal pillar can be
more » ... oal pillar can be greatly released after the hanging roof strata were cut down with an 18 m cutting line. Additionally, we adopted Universal Discrete Element Code (UDEC) software to investigate the deformation and crack evolution mechanism of the gob-side entry under different conditions. The primary-supported roadway underwent severe deformation, filling with a great quantity of tensile and shear cracks to the inner coal pillar. Both the physical and numerical results proved that the optimized-support parameters combined with roof-cutting measures could effectively guarantee the stability of the gob-side entry. This research can provide valuable guidance for the stability control of the gob-side entry in mines under similar conditions.
doi:10.3390/en13205425 fatcat:nzopaw4f3rfavcajn4x6vog3ry