Custom-Fitted In- and Around-the-Ear Sensors for Unobtrusive and On-the-Go EEG Acquisitions: Development and Validation

Olivier Valentin, Guilhem Viallet, Aidin Delnavaz, Gabrielle Cretot-Richert, Mikaël Ducharme, Hami Monsarat-Chanon, Jérémie Voix
2021 Sensors  
This paper aims to validate the performance and physical design of a wearable, unobtrusive ear-centered electroencephalography (EEG) device, dubbed "EARtrodes", using early and late auditory evoked responses. Results would also offer a proof-of-concept for the device to be used as a concealed brain-computer interface (BCI). The device is composed of a custom-fitted earpiece and an ergonomic behind-the-ear piece with embedded electrodes made of a soft and flexible combination of silicone rubber
more » ... nd carbon fibers. The location of the conductive silicone electrodes inside the ear canal and the optimal geometry of the behind-the-ear piece were obtained through morphological and geometrical analysis of the human ear canal and the region around-the-ear. An entirely conductive generic earpiece was also developed to assess the potential of a universal, more affordable solution. Early latency results illustrate the conductive silicone electrodes' capability to record quality EEG signals, comparable to those obtained with traditional gold-plated electrodes. Additionally, late latency results demonstrate EARtrodes' capacity to reliably detect decision-making processes from the ear. EEG results validate the performance of EARtrodes as a circum-aural and intra-aural EEG recording system adapted for a wide range of applications in audiology, neuroscience, clinical research, and as an unobtrusive BCI.
doi:10.3390/s21092953 pmid:33922456 fatcat:g2tpdllxh5e7hg4u2utc5gwtru