Elucidating proline dynamics in spider dragline silk fibre using 2H–13C HETCOR MAS NMR

Xiangyan Shi, Jeffery L. Yarger, Gregory P. Holland
2014 Chemical Communications  
2H–13C HETCOR MAS NMR is performed on 2H/13C/15N-Pro enriched A. aurantia dragline silk. Proline dynamics are extracted from 2H NMR line shapes and T1 in a site-specific manner to elucidate the backbone and side chain molecular dynamics for the MaSp2 GPGXX β-turn regions for spider dragline silk in the dry and wet, supercontracted states.
doi:10.1039/c4cc00971a pmid:24686512 fatcat:dnztqphavbahxi4bdtij25eiui