Robot Navigation Control using Laserscanner to Restrict Human Movement
인간행동제약을 위한 레이저파인더 기반의 로봇주행제어

Tae-Seok Jin
2013 The Journal of the Korean Institute of Information and Communication Engineering  
In this research, we describe a security robot system and ongoing research results to control human's wrong direction in order to forbid human to enter security zone. Proposed robot system surveils a security area with equipped laserscanner sensor usually. When it detect walking human who is for the area, robot calculates his velocity vector, plans own path to forestall and interrupts him who want to head restricted area and starts to move along the estimated trajectory. The walking human is
more » ... walking human is assumed to be a point-object and projected onto an scanning plane to form a geometrical constraint equation that provides position data of the human based on the kinematics of the mobile robot. While moving the robot continues these processes for adapting change of situation. After arriving at an opposite position human's walking direction, the robot advises him not to be headed more and change his course. The experimental results of estimating and tracking of the human in the wrong direction with the mobile robot are presented. 키워드 로봇주행, 레이저파인더, 환경인식, 추적, 기구학
doi:10.6109/jkiice.2013.17.5.1070 fatcat:dhcqg6w57bab7oamxclesa5pvu